install_odbc.exe fails on prerequisite check

To install Oracle ODBC drivers you first download and unpack the zips into a common directory

When trying to install the Oracle ODBC drivers with install_odbc.exe, you might sometimes experience the dreadded error message

Could't find Oracle Instant Client in present directory

The reason for this is a buggy prerequisite check.

All you need to do to install the ODBC drivers without install_odbc.exe is to add these registry entries on the client computer, here shown in PowerShell format, and Bob's your uncle

$ver = '11_2'
$regpath = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBCINST.INI\Oracle in instantclient$ver"

New-ItemProperty -Path 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBCINST.INI\ODBC Drivers' -Name "Oracle in instantclient$ver" -PropertyType String -Value Installed
New-Item -Path $regpath New-ItemProperty -Path $regpath -Name APILevel -PropertyType String -Value 1
New-ItemProperty -Path $regpath -Name ConnectionFunctions -PropertyType String -Value YYY
New-ItemProperty -Path $regpath -Name CPTimeout -PropertyType String -Value 60
New-ItemProperty -Path $regpath -Name Driver -PropertyType String -Value "C:\Oracle\instantclient_$ver\SQORA32.dll"
New-ItemProperty -Path $regpath -Name DriverODBCVer -PropertyType String -Value 03.51
New-ItemProperty -Path $regpath -Name FileUsage -PropertyType String -Value 0
New-ItemProperty -Path $regpath -Name Setup -PropertyType String -Value "C:\Oracle\instantclient_$ver\SQORAS32.DLL"
New-ItemProperty -Path $regpath -Name SQLLevel -PropertyType String -Value 1

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